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Watkins Business Opportunity

At Watkins our best product is our home-based business opportunity. Your minimal investment can quickly give you the financial freedom you've always dreamed of.

The Watkins Story began in 1868 with the vision of a 28-year old entrepreneur, J.R. Watkins. With confidence in the exceptional quality of his first product, Watkins Red Liniment, he offered the first-ever money-back satisfaction guarantee by inventing his famous "Trial-Mark" bottle. more

Watkins Products

For 140 years, Watkins has been America’s pioneer in natural living, utilizing the finest natural ingredients in our product line from apothecary to spices. Since the beginning, Watkins specialized in home remedies using natural botanicals—like camphor, menthol and herbs—to help people feel better and live healthy lives.

When Watkins introduced Vanilla Extract made with Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla in 1895, it quickly became one of Watkins' finest and most popular products. When it was awared the Grand Prize Gold Medal for Highest Quality at the 1928 International Exposition in Paris, along with our black pepper, cinnamon and other ground spices, our reputation for providing the highest quality became known throughout the world.

Today, our commitment to excellence continues. Watkins sources the finest all-natural herbs, spices and gourmet ingredients from around the world to create gourmet products of exceptional quality.

Watkins Gourmet Food Products